About Us


Project Back to School started in 2015. As you know school can be challenging for any child. The pressure of homework, getting to school on time, commuting to school every day and the stigma of being homeless, living in a shelter or not having much -can especially be troublesome.

We are dedicated to making a difference, supporting and celebrating the homeless children living within our community. Project Back to School works together with sponsors and local volunteers to make each year a success.

The gift of a new backpack, new fall clothing and new school supplies can make all the difference. Every child should start the upcoming school year in a positive direction, regardless of their circumstances.

For the children living at the shelter, they’re there without their parents or family (some even separated from siblings). Unfortunately, they come from very difficult circumstances, backgrounds and situations. Often, they are waiting to be placed in foster care, waiting to be adopted or in some cases the shelter becomes their permanent residence.


Our mission: With the help of community sponsors, we provide a new backpack and new school supplies for the homeless and families in need living in Bucks County. We organize and host a celebration for the upcoming school year at the homeless shelter in Warminster. It’s a day of fun, food and so much more!!!  We believe by building their self-esteem, being fully prepared by having a new backpack, new school supplies and a few new outfits* will make all the difference.

*New clothing is only gifted to the homeless children at the shelter.

How Long Has Project Back 2 School Been Helping Kids?

We have been volunteering and raising money for school supplies for homeless and needy kids since 2015 but we have recently officially registered as a nonprofit.

How Did Project Back 2 School Get Started?

Our founder Melanie Propato heard about some kids that we experiencing homelessness and poverty, often living with their families in Bucks County homeless shelters. She learned they often didn’t have the money to purchase school supplies at the end of the summer, when other kids were shopping and getting ready to go back. She decided our community wanted to make sure those kids had a chance to start school in style, with everything they needed to succeed. Project Back 2 School was born!

What Areas Does Project Back 2 School Serve?

Our geographical area are Bucks and Montgomery counties, with a special emphasis on outreach to area homeless shelters and women’s shelters, and families utilizing FISH and other food pantries.

How Can I Help?

We gratefully accept donations and volunteers. Please click here to give a monetary donation or get in touch with us to find out how to help. Thank you for your time and generosity!