About Us

Project Back 2 School started in 2015 

School can be challenging for any child. The pressure of homework, getting to school on time, commuting to school every day and the stigma of being homeless, living in a homeless and domestic violence shelters -can especially be troublesome.

We are dedicated to making a difference. We provide kids with an opportunity to start the year off prepared and encouraged. Project Back 2 School works together within our community to collect donations, recruit sponsors and local volunteers to make each year a success.

The gift of a new backpack, new fall clothing and new school supplies can make all the difference. Every child should start the upcoming school year in a positive direction and be prepared regardless of their circumstances.

For the children living in shelters, they’re there without their parents or family (some even separated from siblings). Unfortunately, they come from very difficult circumstances, backgrounds and situations. Often, they are waiting to be placed in foster care, waiting to be adopted or in some cases the shelter becomes their permanent residence.

How Did Project Back 2 School Get Started?

Our founder Melanie Propato heard about some kids that were experiencing homelessness, poverty and living without their families in a homeless shelters. After learning they didn’t have family members to take them shopping or the money to purchase new school supplies she knew they could benefit from the generosity of others. Having three children of her own and hosting parties and celebrations for them, she couldn’t help but wonder what the children did during the summer. In 2014, Melanie and her family hosted a picnic at the shelter, they rented a waterslide, provided backpacks, school supplies and clothing, she planned fun activities for all age ranges and they spent the day playing and getting to know the kids and their needs.  Sharing her story about two very special children she met that day inspired conversations with others. Knowing the amazing community she grew up in and the neighboring community she lives in, it was a no-brainer to transform an idea into action.  Since 2014 she met so many kind, committed, generous people who shared her passion to make a difference. Soon after, Project Back 2 School was born!

What Areas Does Project Back 2 School Serve?

Our geographical area is in Bucks County with a special emphasis on outreach to area homeless shelters for children, local families in need and families utilizing Pennridge FISH. Currently we donate and sponsor children in the following districts: Centennial, Central Bucks and Pennridge.

How Can I Help?

We gratefully accept donations, sponsors and volunteers. Please click here to give a monetary donation or get in touch with us to find out how to help. Thank you for your time and generosity!