List of Needed Supplies for 2020

3 subject spiral notebooks
8 subject dividers
Agenda book/student planner
Assorted colored pens
Binders 1”, 2” & 3”
Calculators (regular & scientific)
Colored pencils
Crayola crayons -box of 24
Disinfecting wipes
Dry erase markers & erasers
Fun locker supplies for boys & girls
Glue (sticks and bottles)
Hand sanitizer (pocket/travel size)
Headphones or earbuds
Lined paper (packs)
Locks for lockers
Markers – Thin and Thick
Pencil case with 3 holes for binders
Pencils #2 -packs of 12 or 24
Pink pearl erasers (packs of 3)
Poly/plastic folders w/pockets (all colors)
Poly/plastic folders with pockets (prints)
Post-its (packs of 3 or more)